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We serve to value productivity. Our professionals work for the excellence & outcome. Empower you with upright solutions!

ERP solution

Enterprise resource planning solution is here to manage your entire business in real time. Besides, it fully acts as a go-between software & technology. Secure your trade. Give you foster growth.

POS Solution

Enjoy point-of-sale (POS)! Have the sophisticated & detailed sales reports. Build your trust with accuracy. Manage the inventory and flag item for the reorder through the full analysis of sales pattern.

Hardware Solution

For the effective data management and data storage, we use the hardware solution. Rest with our secure & smart solutions for seamless integration!


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When you objectively analyze your business, you are likely to get a new perspective. These new perspectives propel your business up by infusing fresh strategy. We can support whenever new strategy is needed.

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The Best Services

Software Development

Prominent .NET web development New Bringootech offering custom ASP.NET application development and offshore .NET development services at affordable price.

App Development

Quality App Development Services New Bringootech is a web development agency with a team top web developers in Pakistan. web development agency web development agency

Web Development

Get PHP web development service from trusted New Bringootech PHP development company, which offers the best custom PHP web development services with 24/7 customer support.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of making search engines love your website. The main aim is to get your website ranking right at the top of the search results for a particular product or service.

Domain & Web Hosting

BringooTech is a leading provider of offsite CCTV monitoring services for commercial and non-commercial assets. Our remote CCTV monitoring enables your house, working place etc. to be monitored 24/7.

Email Marketing Services

New Bringootech is a renowned  Development Company. We provide Laravel Development Services for web application & e-commerce development.


Our Servies

Jewel Manager has composed Jewelry Software for retail and in wholesale business or operational. In Our Jewelry software, the stock of clients can effortlessly keep up; Jewelers can check any past history of the client on the off chance that he has done any change or repair function as it helps in following the deal.

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Using our 24/7 knowledgebase, forum & comments get clarified.

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Get your doubts cleared using our email support, phone or knowledgebase.

Maintenance Package

We offer annual maintenance packages for different needs.