Garments Managment System

Garments Managment System

Our Garment Managment System is a Complete and Fully Organized Software Product For Managing The Production, Sales and Services of the Bridal (Zarri) Garment Buisness.

Some Features of Garments Managment System

  • You Can Manage The Inventory Using Garment Manufacturing Software
  • It Use's The Barcode Technology.
  • It has a Administrator Panel to Define the User Rights.
  • It Manages Employees Data.
  • It Gives the Facility to Keep the Multiple Pictures of Every Item With All Angles.
  • Easy to Recheck and Re-Conclliate the Stock During the Barcode Tag Scanning.
  • Keeps the Complete Record of Daily Shop Expenses,Utility Bills,Cash Transactions Or The Producion Expenses Charged on Each Product
  • It gives the Facility to Print Any Kind of Invoice or Bill.
  • It Gives the Facilitty to Pay the Bill With Cash, Cheque or Credit Card.
  • Any Kind of Vouchers Bank Transactions Vouchers or General Vouchers etc.
  • Manages Repairing Details of Garments Products.
  • Backup Facility Keeps Your Sales Or Picture Records Safe.
  • No Need to Be a Full Computer Expert To Use This Software.
  • A DEMO Copy Is Available For The Customers For Free.
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