Jewel Manager


The Jewel Manager is The Most Reliable Product For The Jewel World And It is Our Most selling Product.

Why You Should use Jewel Manager

  • You Can Manage The Inventory of Jewellery using jewellery erp software
  • It Use's The Barcode Technology.
  • It has a Administrator Panel to Define the User Rights.
  • It facilitates to create new users like Administrator, Data entry Operator with different rights.
  • It Manages Employees Data.
  • It Gives the Facility to Change the Gold Rate Any TIme and Also Keeps The Full Record by time and Date For This Change.
  • It facilitates to cost an item saving it in account of the relevent worker or supplier before entering it into stock,gives you a chart of accounts for jewelry business
  • It Gives the Facility to Keep the Multiple Pictures of Every Item With All Angles.
  • It Provides the Facility to have Separate stock of gold, diamond and silver.with tally jewellery module
  • Facility to add an item in stock with its complete info i.e. net weight, qty, polish weight and stones I beeds (complete details).
  • Complete record of advance receivings & balances of cash, used gold and pure gold against an order.
  • Facility of amendment in the details i.e weight etc. of an order item at the time of delivery to customer as well as its record of booking having made from a worker & delivering it to the customer.
  • Complete record from issuing jewellery as sample till recerving.
  • Easy to Recheck and Re-Conclliate the Stock During the Barcode Tag Scanning.
  • It shows complete information of a tag when you scan a tag at the time of sale i.e. picture, weight, making etc. with its net price according to the current gold rate.
  • Complete record of change in stock with its operator.
  • Keeps the Complete Record of Daily Shop Expenses,Utility Bills,Cash Transactions Or Sale And Purchase of the Gold , Silver and Jewellery.
  • You can view the jewellery pictures with different aspects i.e. stock, sold, damage and deleted.
  • You can also view the pictures with different selections like date range, weight range, worker wise, stones & beeds wise.
  • Complete and item wise profit and loss report.
  • It gives the Facility to Print Any Kind of Invoice or Bill.
  • It Gives the Facilitty to Pay the Bill With Cash, New or Old Gold , Cheque or Credit Card.
  • Any Kind of Vouchers Like Cash or Gold Balance Transaction Vouchers , Bank Transactions Vouchers or General Vouchers etc.
  • Manages Repairing Details of Jewellery Items.
  • Backup Facility Keeps Your Sales Or Picture Records Safe.
  • You can manage your Capital, Asset, Liabilities, Expense and Revenue with the help of five level accounting system in Jewel Manager.
  • It Have the Sending SMS Software Embedded in it to Send The Greetings or Importent Messages to The Customers.
  • No Need to Be a Full Computer Expert To Use This Software.
  • A DEMO Copy of Jewellery Manufacturing Software Is Available For The Customers For Free.
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